September 21st 2020 - Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia [MOCA], has developed revolutionary techniques to drastically reduce costs for patients in obtaining CBD.

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Second only to the Soviet Union, Italy has been traditionally the largest producer of hemp in Europe. The long and rich history of Italian cultivation of cannabis dates back centuries. Opportunities to invest in the Cannabis Industry in Italy

Italy is the world’s eighth largest economy and is one of the G8 nations. Medicinal cannabis has been legal in Italy since 1990. The country has imported products from around Europe and in Canada. The medical cannabis program in Italy is managed and run by the Italian Ministry of Defense. The Ministry also cultivate cannabis in Tuscany.

Cannabis have seen a massive global re-birth in the last decade. Countries around the world have legalized medicinal and recreational cannabis and have seen significant benefits in health and economy to legalized states.

With rapidly growing numbers of businesses entering into the cannabis market it can become confusing to know where to invest. And to find opportunities in early start-up companies that demonstrate the most rapid growth. As brokers and promoters, and we focus on handful of excellent companies in early-stage growth or in phases of international ramp up who is seeking investment to capitalize and leverage their unique point of difference.

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The limited supply of product currently in Italy creates problems for the growing number of patients seeking medicinal cannabis. Italian government supplies cater to a little over 20,000 patients.

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The changes in legislation in Italy provide an interesting position that is ripening for cannabis investment opportunities. Currently there are significant investments from companies such as Canopy Growth in Canada and from large players from the UK and Israel. Recent changes in government now make cultivation a market more viable. Read More

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The market continues to rapidly grow in September 2019 the Australian Capital Territory in Australia legalized recreational cannabis. This follows in the footsteps of Canada who are great who legalized recreational cannabis in 2018 and joins countries like Uruguay. Next year there is a referendum in New Zealand to determine recreational cannabis. This market grows continuously and is led by the medical cannabis marketplace.

Medical cannabis is legal in many many countries around the world and has been for quite some time and sit in varying degrees. The cannabis market grows and is driven primarily at this stage by a compound known as CBD. This is an active cannabinoid in the cannabis plant which is non-psychoactive and is recommended by the World Health Organisation as not having potential for abuse or addiction. CBD works with the human system but also with animals and is regarded as one of the more important medicines of the 21st-century. Being plant-based, it is generally considered outside of the scope of big Pharma.

Companies have seen massive growths like Canopy Growth in Canada who has grown to over $18 billion in little over six years. If you’re interested to understand how you can invest in markets around the world in simple easy to understand processes then you’ve come to the right place we offer opportunities around the world that have been value waited by our expert team. Your investment is a direct into The company and you will have shareholding and opportunity to participate in the active growth of the company.

Investments today could see your wealth increase exponentially over the next 5 to 10 years as these companies grow to meet consumer demand

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New frontier Data, a Washington -based research company report predicts legal cannabis sales to reach $30 billion by 2025.

Developed in partnership with global cannabinoids in Las Vegas the key report found that significant growth in current legal states. There is also the consideration and factoring that more states will legalize medical marijuana in the near future.

According to the report and estimated 38 million, adults consume marijuana at least once each year and 36% of cannabis consumers report daily usage.

The growth in the market is seen predominantly from medical cannabis and particularly from CBD sales.

Australian city, Canberra becomes the First to legalize cannabis

Commencing 31st of January 2020 a new law will come into effect allowing a bill, which legalized the position in growing cannabis for personal use in Australia’s capital city.

Whilst there is some controversy over this legalization, the federal government continues its position that cannabis is illegal, and there may be some contrast in the two state and federal laws.

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The Federal Attorney General Christian Porter said that it was unlikely that the Commonwealth government will try to fight this change in legislation and that the matter is for state government.

The amended bill requires that cannabis be kept away from children. and not be grown in accessible gardens. Read More


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The latest Gallup poll found that the majority of US citizen supported the legalization of recreational and medicinal cannabis. Read More


Medical marijuana and the Australian experience a research perspective

It is well known marijuana is widely used as a recreational drug in Australia and around the world. Data from 2016 show the over a third of Australians past the age of 14 have used marijuana and a double digit percentage reported recent and often use. This data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare supports the belief that whole plant consumption is much better than the sum of the parts of the plant. This process is known as the ‘entourage affect’ and is well known among medical cannabis aficionados.

Currently in Australia, significant consumption of cannabinoids products are in oil or a capsule and much is coming from international importation.

The local market is anticipated to continue to grow as products are developed and approved for medical use.

Consider Australia’s challenge will be in continuing to make available high-quality products at reasonable prices which are affordable for consumers. In Australia, medical cannabis currently is not subsidized and therefore the full cost is born by the consumer.

A number of clinical trials are currently underway in Australia and this supports the growth of industry internationally. Read More

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