About Us

We are a cannabis investment company with our key focus based on certain fundamental principles. We seek and find emerging and innovative companies that have a global focus. This is key to our strategy as our principal point of investment.

Through these strategic companies, we activate the funding resources from investors like yourself to assist in the expansion plans, or start up of these companies.

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We value companies with strong management, long-term strategic focus and vision, tools and capabilities to execute this vision, and commercialization of these strategies in realistic and reasonable times.

Most of the companies that we are directly involved with are focused bi-laterally between manufacturers, produces, cultivators and on the other hand are digitally focused with a Internet based marketing plan and opportunity to put their products and services in front of consumers.

This combination gives us high visibility to ensure that the vehicles that we support have the tools and the funding to be successful. We take cannabis extremely seriously and see it as an important solution for a myriad of problems including healing the planet and healing the people. Subscribe to our investment list and we will provide you with information on companies that we support with an overview and mechanisms for how you can invest within them.