Invest Cannabis Market

Internationally the cannabis industry has demonstrated strong growth as continued and ongoing research review its medicinal and therapeutic properties. If you are seeking to invest in the cannabis market, please review the prospectus and proposal from Medicinal Organic Cannabis Australia (MOCA).

In terms of growth, you'd struggle to find an industry that's been piling on the dollars on a year-over-year basis faster than marijuana -- and it's rightly getting the attention of investors.

Now you may be saying, "We get that it's growing, but where should I actually put my money?"

There are some critical factors to consider when answering this question.

First, avoid publicly traded marijuana companies (they're all over-the-counter) such as Medbox (OTC:NGBL) which ended up settling with the SEC for securities fraud. There are very few solid businesses in the space and finding the right one to invest in is extremely difficult. Your best bet is to invest in privately-held companies, which means you need to be an accredited investor, per SEC guidelines.

Second, look for companies with solid management teams teams. Yes, this is somewhat obvious, but it's particularly important in a community where "stoners" are still rampant. If someone is getting high at a meeting, that can ruin negotiations and negatively impact the company.

Third, avoid interacting directly with cannabis to side step a lot of risk. A smarter way is to find ancillary companies such as IoT technology firms, business intelligence solutions and next generation marketing platforms that provide the tools to help grow and distribute the plant.

Marijuana's growth rate is top notch
Investors really will struggle to find an industry with a more consistent long-term growth rate than marijuana. Cannabis research firm ArcView estimated North American legal sales growth at 34%, to $6.9 billion in 2016, and investment firm Cowen & Co. is forecasting up to $50 billion in legal pot sales by 2026